Ideas for a Dog Den

Ensure the den is large enough for your dog to comfortably stand up, lie down, stretch out and turn around. Dog crates are ideal for this purpose leave the crate door open while introducing the Den, you always want to give your dog the choice to go in or come out at anytime.

Locate the den in a room your dog usually enjoys to hang out and where they feel most comfortable.

Make it feel comfy with doggy blankets, towels or old clothes to make it smell familiar.

Provide treats and toys in the den to ensure your dog associates it as a positive, fill a kong or maybe some natural long lasting chews. All good pet shops stock natural treats now which are great boredom breakers and can be a great distraction for your dog.

Hartley prefers a comfy blanket, if it makes them feel safe and happy thats the main thing. Remember what may work for one dog might not be right for another.
November 7, 2022

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