Firework tips

Hi Countrydog followers
We thought we would share a few tools to do today to prepare for the fireworks.
Hopefully many of you are well prepared for the fireworks tonight and have a sensitivity plan ready.
Many of you I know have been creating doggy dens, have over-the-counter treatments or vet prescribed medication available should you need it, a chilled calming playlist ready to help reduce the noise, practicing relaxing massage techniques and have got your dogs accustomed to body wraps. Any of these options are great ways to help our canine friends during stressful time.

Heres a Countrydogs plan to help you through the weekend

• Go for a chilled walk so your dog is happy and relaxed for the
day or book a slot at your favourite off lead paddock.
• Avoid going on walks where your dog may get stressed – keep to the quieter walks that aren’t so busy.
• Keep stress as low as possible the whole day.
• If you haven’t already stocked up on chews, the butchers may be a good source of treats and
lickimat pastes. Your local pet shop should have plenty of these available. Pets with Hart in Newport are a great stockist of all the things you may need this weekend. 01983522019
• Build a den, there are loads of usual tutorials on line for this. A den of comfy blankets, even a jumper of your own that you don’t mind giving up for the night and favourite toys are an ideal place to start.


Set up the environment, keep the treats handy in different spots around the house, draw the curtains and get the playlist started.
Do some treat searches in the house, the cup game is a great one and you don’t need any fancy bits of equipment keep them brief but exciting little and often is ideal.
A toilet break before it gets dark, secure the collar and make sure your tags are attached well, use a long line if you have one.
If you must go for a late night walk out and about, keep your dog on a lead as fireworks tend to start much earlier now.
Keep a good supply of high value treats when out on the walk, if the fireworks start when out a quick treat could help distract from the noise.
Allow your dog to have the choice of the den or staying close to you. Either way allow them to make the choice – keeping things as normal as possible will help to keep the stress levels down.

We hope that some of the above tips will help you through the fireworks.

Love all of us at Countrydogs, Hartley, Cub and Soda. xxx

November 5, 2022

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