Scentwork School

Scentwork for all dogs from puppies to senior sniffers

Puppy Scentwork – 121

Puppy scentwork is a great way to give you the skills to teach your puppy to sniff out a scent in a friendly environment. 

A step by step program teaching your puppy to listen, focus, learn scentwork skills and build a bond with you and most importantly having fun while learning.

Scentwork helps your puppy explore different textures and environments in a safe and fun way while building up a lifelong scent library. Scentwork can even build up to off lead confidence while you are teaching your pup to focus on you instead of external distractions.

Scentwork games can give you and your puppy amazing rewards for you both that to enjoy. Puppy Scentwork has huge enrichment benefits for your puppy and is open to all dogs of all breeds and ages. Your puppy will learn on the go and gain the foundation tools to enjoy the fun of scentwork. 

In this course I take you through how to introduce a scent to your pup, give essential training tips you will need to begin your scentwork journey. Set the next step to create mini searches and introduce you and your puppy to both indoor and outdoor search areas. We will touch on directional searches with your pup and lead handling skills for yourself. Final steps will be building up to a good indication,learning how to read your dog and the benefits of positive rewards.

On completion you will receive a certificate and a badge that you can show off to your friends, pawpals and family.

£45, includes a mini kit to get you started once you complete the course. 

Puppies must be 5 months and above 


2020 – UKCSD Handler City and Guilds Qualified

2020 – Ambassador UKCSD

2021 – Fully qualified city and guilds K9 Scent Instructor

Hartley and I passed our City & Guilds Handler assessments with the UKCSD 2020
Cub and I passing our City and Guilds K9 Scent Detection Instructors Course July 2021