K9 Scent School

Would you like to teach your dog to be a K9 Pet Detective? Does your dog like sniffing? Our courses could be just what you are looking for

Who can do it

The classes are open for all dogs of any ability or temperament, whether they are shy, independent, reactive or brave, any breed of dog from 6 month old puppies to senior sniffers can take part they just have to enjoy using their noses which luckily most dogs definitely do.

What can you expect

You will learn how to gather your dogs natural ability to sniff out a scent, you will hopefully enjoy new fun and exciting pass time with your dog that you can do anywhere in the home or even out on a walk.

The classes are informative and fun, scenario based learning for you and your dog to enjoy! If you really love working your dog there will even be a chance to work your way through 3 key stages, Constable, Sergeant and Inspector levels, each level will be scenario based with individual and multiple hides exploring different search areas but most of all it will be FUN. 

How long is the course

The courses will run over 6 weeks. Running the course over several weeks allows time in between to train and perfect the things you have both learnt from each class. I will be running introduction to scent & freestyle classes from 2021 subject to Covid guidelines.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to freestyle
  • How to condition your dog to a scent
  • Identify the scent and create a clear indication from your dog
  • Work your way through different search areas from buildings, natural environment and vehicle searches
  • How your dogs nose works
  • Search techniques

What you need

  1. Your dog, a suitable lead (no extendable leads or slip leads please
  2. A harness is beneficial but not essential at this stage
  3. Treat bag & tasty treats lots of them
  4. Their favourite toy if they have one
  5. Suitable clothing and footwear as we work in all weathers


Eventually you could have a little break away with me and other fellow students to travel to the home of the UKCSD to complete your Inspector level with your dog for a fun packed adventure of everything Scent related. Who doesn’t love a holiday with their dog? I know I do……

For anyone wondering what my qualifications are see below

2020 – UKCSD Handler City and Guilds Qualified

2020 – Graduating Ambassador UKCSD

Hartley and I passed our City & Guilds Handler assessments with the UKCSD 2020