Scentwork benefits

Turn your dogs favourite pastime into your favourite hobby and have fun together

The Benefits of Scent Training

Scentwork is for all dogs

Any dog can have a go age is just a number, breed doesn’t matter, as long as your dog has a nose they can enjoy taking part. Its the perfect sport for a dog and handler that are just starting out or your just looking to try something new, whatever your skill level you can join in.


Physically & mentally stimulating, it can help to burn energy in active dogs or for dogs that just love to sniff. You can harness your dogs ability and turn it into a hobby.  A tired dog is a happy dog!

Safe for the Re-active dog

In our classes dogs do their searches individually. There is no dog-dog interaction

It builds confidence!

For the dogs that may be shy they will learn to trust their instincts and develop a sense of confidence through this fun, self-rewarding sport.

Builds a bond

Strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  As you learn you will observe your dog, understand their behaviour and learn how to rely upon their instincts .


After the initial excitement of the searches your dogs will reach the point of elixir and get their reward whether there pleasure is treats or a pink fluffy toy the joy of finding the scent but also the feeling of zen.

Scent work is fun and force free and anyone or any dog can take part.

Scent work will harness your dogs natural ability to detect a conditioned scent in a fun environment. They don’t have to have skills in obedience or great recall  any dog of any age can take part, the aim here is to let your dog think independently and use their nose and most of all have fun doing what they love to do which is sniff!

FUN FACT – Did you know that 10 minutes of Sniffing is the equivalent of 60 minutes of walking!