Scent Box Intro Kit – Starter pack



Scent Box Intro Kit – Starter pack – an introductory kit for new handlers starting Scent Work

Take your first steps into the world of Scent work and use our Intro Scent Kit, it comes complete with our step by step worksheet and all the items you and your dog need to begin your journey.


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The Scent Box Intro Kit contains everything you will need to begin your dogs nosework training journey.

Scentwork training is a fun exciting way to stimulate your dog, both mentally and physically.
My dogs see the box come out the store and they get so excited

Whats in the Scent work Intro Kit

  • • Clear box
  • • Odour & container
  • • Gloves
  • • Tweezers in test tube container
  • • Unscented Scent pads in container
  • • Classical conditioning bowl
  • • 2 x clear pots (1 red lid for the Odour pad ) (1 green lid for decoy pot) with holed lids (for choice game)
  • Step by Step worksheet
  • Scent work benefits
  • Bonding – build a stronger relationship, dogs just love to use their noses and by using a purpose build step b nose work and will love you even more for doing it with themRelaxed dog – Scent work is stimulating at the same time and a great alternative to extra long walks or play sessions!

    Scent work is a positive, challenging activity that allows your dog the opportunity to use their natural sense in a way that’s fun, engaging, and that builds and strengthens a foundation of trust between the handler and dog.

Learning the skills of scent work, can build confidence in your dog and you as a handler to overcome different environments and situations. Dogs that take part in scent work activity can become better at problem-solving & promote huge confidence growth in themselves.

Scent work is for all dogs of all ages and breeds, its fantastic for the shy or reactive dog as well as puppies or silver sniffers.

Fun  Scent work is rewarding for both you as a handler and for your dog, you do not have to have experience in the field and you don’t have be at a high level obedience stage to enjoy this sport.

We created The Scent Box Intro Kit after I qualified my city & guilds UKCSD Ltd Instructor course in 2021 with my dogs Hartley and Cub, after completing the course I have been training happy pet dogs ever since. Using our Scent work Intro kits is an essential part of any pet dog owners tool box.

*You don’t need to of completed one of our full scent work courses to buy this kit, full preparation instructions are included to get you started.

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2.5 cm
January 15, 2023

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