Haven View Farm Mini Shop – Honey & Eggs

When you visit Countrydogs Paddock don’t forget to check out the Hut by the carpark.


We are a small scale local producer of natural raw honey and freshly laid eggs. We manage 8 colonies of honeybees at our apiary. Our apiary is located on our farm in Brading on the Isle of Wight.

Our bees produce natural honey from the nectar of plants, the bees typically have a maximum foraging range of 3 miles radius from their hives, the bees work their magic and produce some of the most fantastic tasting honey you will find on the island.

340g jars available £10.00

Fresh Eggs

by Winnie’s Happy Hens Eggs

Our tasty eggs are a product of happy contented hens who live freely and spend their day exploring, eating and chilling out.

Winnie’s happy hens are able to graze our farm in the summer months and hopefully this will be the case again very soon once flockdown is lifted. In the meantime they get freshly cut greens and plenty of clean straw bedding to scratch over daily.

The happy hens pictured above have the very best of care along with plenty of cuddles and songs when Winnie collects the eggs in the afternoons.

Our happy hens eggs are so tasty and make the best omelettes, cakes and even Yorkshire puddings.

£1.70 for a box of 6 – mixed weight eggs freshly laid by our Rhode Island Red hens

Winnie with her happy hens gathering at her feet 😃. #chickenwhisperer