XL BULLY PADDOCK UPDATE for paddock use.

I have been contacted a lot over the last few weeks regarding XL BULLY dogs and what happens come 31st December. I would like to confirm we are still able to offer our enclosed space to all XL Type breeds.

What you need to know:
🐾You will need to have your dog muzzle trained
🐾your dog must be muzzled and on lead from the car, in the carpark prior to paddock entry then exit must be re-muzzled and back on lead to leave and straight back to your vehicle.
🐾DOGS can only be released when in the paddock. The muzzle can ONLY be removed once the paddock gate is LOCKED behind you and your dog and you are secure.

🐾Please note our paddock is away from any public footpaths and the paddock is on private property with no public access passing through as noted in the government guidelines and stipulated by our insurance company.

🐾Dogs must be neutered and microchipped-in line with government rules
🐾the dog handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at all times. Only dogs from same household during the booking slot.

🐾make sure you have a copy of your public liability insurance.
🐾your dog must be registered with the index of exempted dogs (EID)a copy of life certificate should be available at all times.
🐾🐶Recommend to keep the above documents on your person at all times. 🐶🐾

I hope this offers some light relief in difficult time and all existing clients old and new enjoy their paddock time.

Also if anyone is struggling with muzzle training please contact our friends at Pawsitive Animal Care Ltd who are able to offer any assistance with training going forward.

Please contact me directly on my mobile 07506551925 if you have any further questions.

December 27, 2023

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