TIME!! Paddock change over….

please remember everyone’s time is precious! Give yourself time to exit the paddock safely 5 minutes prior to your slot ending gathering up belongings and sometimes catching your dog which we all know sometimes isn’t the easiest as they love it here a bit too much! Use your own time wisely please.

all the above needs to be done within your own slot time. Anything after your end time then eats in to the next clients time and their dogs then loose out!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep and eye on your time!!!

The paddock is a peaceful and happy place where many dogs visit to relax and train some being reactive. Please be mindful of everyone’s time yours included.

Thank you for your cooperation

Oh and not forgetting pick up after your dog!💩💩

🎥please be aware CCTV is in operation at all times

September 4, 2023

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